Dear foreign citizens! On the basis of our medical institution, you can quickly and conveniently undergo an examination and receive treatment.

In a complex, you can solve the problem of a sterile couple, starting with outpatient counseling, examination, followed by referral to IVF.

All types of modern surgical treatment of gynecological diseases:

  • Urogynecological operations (urinary incontinence, prolapse and prolapse of the pelvic organs);
  • Aesthetic gynecology, cosmetology of the intimate zone.

Maternity hospital offers:

For your convenience, you can contact a personal manager on all issues - Marina Kutalevskaya, who will provide you with individual support upon arrival in Orenburg.

Personal manager contacts:

  • +7 (987) 117-20-07;
  • +7 (961) 947-65-35;

Our divisions:

  • 24-hour gynecological hospital "Arhierejka" (Kommunarov Ave., 19);
  • Maternity hospital, obstetric care unit (8 March St., 34);
  • Consultative and Diagnostic Clinic, Family Planning Center (M. Gorky St., 31);
  • Laboratory (Kommunarov Ave., 19; 8 March St., 34; M. Gorky St., 31).

Treatment in Russia

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